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'Dabits' are Digital Habits. At Dabit Lab we map and study how users engage with technology and form digital habits. Our studies track users in both real and virtual environments to provide pioneering insights about their digital behavior. At Dabit Lab the focus of our research is the human user. Using contemporary research tools and techniques we deep dive to understand user lives in the virtual world.

Why Us?

At Dabit Lab we are keen to decipher digital user behavior. Our research expertise in digital environments and ecosystems enables our talented team of researchers to arrive at valuable insights that can guide business decisions and institutional policies. 


Dabit Lab insights seek to consistently deliver to clients solutions that have in turn enabled better decision and policy making. Our high impact research studies have opened up the world of digital users to our clients. Our insights are used to design and execute digital engagement models that strengthen user relationships and engineer loyalty.  


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We love helping businesses understand their digital users. This in turn enables business to engage better and build relationships with their digital users. So call us right way!

Dabit Lab

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