About Us

What we do

We decipher 'Digital Users'. Period. All our studies aim to unravel digital lives so businesses can better engage with their target audiences. 


We do deep dives into digital lives using varied research tools. We carefully choose methodologies that can overcome 'depth deficits' to decipher digital lifestyles and reveal what drives digital adoption. 

Why Us

Come to us to 'deep dive' into the lives of your digital users. Our insights will enable your businesses to engage and build user relationships that last. 


Ray titus


Dr. Ray Titus is Dean & Professor of Marketing at Alliance School of  Business, Alliance University, Bangalore. Labelled as a 'consumer  lifestyle expert' by Economic Times, India's leading business  newspaper, Ray's research and consulting activities converge on the  disciplines of consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and digital & social media marketing.


Sejal Valera is a certified inbound marketer and an avid researcher who keenly studies user related digital trends and behavior. With a background as an International Baccalaureate Educator, she consults on business issues related to the field of education and related verticals.Her current research studies include evaluating and assessing the impact of digital dependency on the modern family, and tracking waking up digital habits.    


On board Dabit Lab are other dedicated Dabiters who are among the best research minds tracking digital lives with dedication.